Chain Reaction

ALESSI DOMENICO - Chain Reaction

In jewelry everything has been said, and also the opposite, everything has been invented and revolutionized. There’s nothing left to be discovered, and nothing can be invented: this is a cliché which is often heard and repeated by professionals in this sector along the aisles of the main international fairs. As with all clichés, this contains some truths but also ignores many others. For example with chains, which are generally considered as a fundamental component, but not as a jewel in itself, a marginal part of jewelry which does not deserve many words and even less a dedicated storytelling.
Instead it is not like this for the Alessi family, which has been producing chains since 1946 with a business in continuous expansion, which has a great deal to tell and also knowledge to share. Quality, characteristics, technology, design and aesthetic care can make the difference in an important necklace just as in the simplest neck chain, and now is the time to share this both to those working with precious materials and to consumers who are ever more curious and demanding with their purchases.
In order to satisfy this need for transparency, communication and stakeholders’ involvement, not only with the product but also with thought, history and the creativity inside, the fourth generation of the
Alessi family, Filippo, Alice and Tobia, who today head the company, have decided to launch the publication of Chain, the company house organ to be published biannual which will be distributed to customers and to other interested people; a source of information and a platform for exchange to animate debate and build awareness around the world of chains.
In this first edition the gold market will be examined, but also the management and communication choices which have affirmed the Bassano gold district’s excellent reputation, focusing on chains at a worldwide level. The owners of one of the most significant gold realities in the Vicenza area have overcome this cliché that “there’s nothing else to say” and raise the curtain, along with the debate, on a chain of contents waiting to be discovered. An open-mindedness, a desire to relate which strongly believes in the team and in the values of every link in the chain: without customer, supplier, internal and external collaborator loyalty, besides the precious advice and consultancy of the numerous professionals linked to the company, Alessi Domenico would not be where it is today.

A sincere thank you to everybody!

Filippo, Alice and Tobia