Chain obsession

ALESSI DOMENICO - Chain obsession

When the Angevins entered Naples in 1266, they surprised the population by the extravagant luxury of wearing large gold chains around their necks. The most famous gold chain in history is undoubtedly the one that the King of France, Francis I, gave to Pietro Aretino. The most famous influencer of the 16th century flaunted a chain made up of tongues joined together: a reminder of his sharp tongue that had earned him the nickname ‘scourge of princes’.
History never runs in vain: chains were a status detail centuries ago and still are today; they were a trend on the necks of famous people, they were society’s landmarks. Nowadays they are still a trend, but with different cues, also because their use has expanded: chains for eyeglasses could not exist when eyeglasses had no arms.
Various worlds come together to embellish each other, and on the catwalk we saw many spectacular jewellery proposals, such as Dolce & Gabbana’s exotic multi-row chocker necklaces, Emporio Armani’s earrings or Fendi’s eyewear accessories. The entire universe of accessories is decisively contaminated, first and foremost bags. Here are the maxi chains with a classic style that make the bags of Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton become cult bags.
Basic becomes essential and prestigious. Essential and fundamental at the same time. Hence flates, belts, eyewear chains and headbands embellished as if they were tiaras.
Only the imagination dictates any limits to variations on the theme, but the imperative is to get noticed. And so the chain continues to be a must.