Alessi Domenico Caribe, the new horizon

With our heart in Italy and with our new corporate strategies towards the international markets.
Based in San Isidro, in the Dominican Republic, Alessi Domenico Caribe has been founded with a focus on optimising and strengthening our response to the demand of our US customers in terms of time, service, quality and price. The technological and logistic facilities of its production unit are much closer to the US area and promote customer loyalty to the uniqueness of our products, to the responsiveness and reliability of our service.
With borderless goals, our history today looks more and more at the future even overseas.

Alessi Domenico currently has thousands of partners and customers, including jewellery shops, chains of high-end department stores and concept stores in many countries worldwide.
The quality of the precious chains and the jewellery creations, the reliability and accuracy of the service ensure consolidated long-term customer relationships strengthened by a deep mutual trust. An invaluable heritage acquired in seventy years of good practice, enriched day by day, delivery after delivery, handshake after handshake.

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