Alessi Chain: The word to Alice Alessi

ALESSI DOMENICO - Alessi Chain: The word to Alice Alessi

There are things that are more precious than gold and whose value is immeasurable. Like the two old notebooks that contain the origins of Alessi Domenico’s business know-how.

The first collects the notes of great-grandfather Domenico on the production of the first chains made by hand in that laboratory that would later be transformed into the important goldsmith company that bears his name.

The second contains the travel notes of his grandfather Giovanni Aldo around the world to study the manufacture of chains and to think about how to translate it into original products: ideas, drawings, tests, parameters, formulas of alloys.

For the new Alessi generation, these are two invaluable documents. Those two notebooks, in addition to the memory of the initiators of the fantastic adventure, contain the birth and development of the Alessi Chain.

Alessi Chain is much more than a chain: it is a classic that crosses time. It’s a chain that comes from a great ability to dream and that comes from a link that is unique in its kind. It is the chain that represents us and has represented us in these 73 years of history and has been and still is the flagship of our collection along with the Valentino and Miami Cuban.

“What I think the Alessi Chain has in addition is that it has managed to establish itself internationally with our name - says the Sales and Marketing Director Alice Alessi - So when we talk about Alessi Chain in the world we talk about the Herringbone, which is in fact the link and the name that is given to this chain. For example, a Chanel Bag is mentioned and immediately identified, just as when we talk about Alessi Chain in our sector we immediately identify this type of chain that has been substantially invented by us.

Today, the Alessi Chain is the absolute best seller of Alessi Domenico. Its sales remain very high, over the years and decades it has recounted many different styles and conquered different countries, while remaining a chain that has never been seen as outdated and that is born and reborn continuously.

Today it is also a must for the most important stars and celebrities because it never ceases to conquer and fascinate.

From the great-grandfather’s and grandfather’s notebooks to the scenarios of excellence of the goldsmith market, which continues to appreciate its unmistakable link and its refined and luminous reflections.

Alessi Chain looks like the sunlight collected in a chain.
But unlike the sun, it never sets.