The Interview: Filippo Alessi

ALESSI DOMENICO - The Interview: Filippo Alessi

Thinking about the future
We talk about it with Filippo Alessi CEO of Alessi Domenico S.P.A

Filippo Alessi, in this issue of Chain we focus our attention on the strategies implemented to achieve the objectives of Alessi Domenico Spa.
First of all, what are these objectives?

“Our company aims to achieve market satisfaction, offering a high quality product at a fair price, with constant attention to research and innovation, without forgetting the human aspect... to do so, however, we also need to talk about margins and economic results”.

What are your strategies?
“Given the objectives, we determined long-term strategies and developed an operational plan that included increasing sales volumes, diversifying markets, developing new products, containing costs, rationalizing the production process and last but not least, strengthening the company’s image”.

Has the market reacted positively?
“At the time it was a feasible strategy, and still is today because we have seen a recovery in the market confirmed by increasing sales volumes. Moreover, it is a consistent target in relation to the will to open new outlets on markets not yet served, also thanks to product diversification, which sometimes means to perceive the future”.

How did you deal with cost containment and rationalization of the production process?
“We started from the analysis and revision of the price lists applied at that time by our suppliers, then looking for new partnerships that guaranteed the company first quality products and services at the lowest price. The rationalization of the production process has
been possible thanks to the recruitment of new personnel, in particular the production manager, the implementation of software useful to speed up production times and improve communication between the different departments”.

So we come to the strengthening of the corporate image
“Alessi Domenico boasts a beautiful story born from a family with a love for gold and recognized for this all over the world. The strengthening consists mainly in representing its values through marketing strategies, which include participation in trade fairs and events and the use of social and media”.

Changes, brought about by new strategies, often require a revision of the business organization, which is a complex ecosystem with its own balances.
“The need for corporate reorganization stems from the awareness that what had been done up to that moment was not to be considered wrong or to be done again, but had to be rationalized and adjusted because it is the market that drives our choices and all our decisions also in the organizational field. In 2013 the price of gold had collapsed and the market had gone into default. There was no more demand and the company had begun to see another dark period after 2008. The time had come for a generational change following a business plan that would lead to a corporate reorganization. Thanks to a mix of luck, skill, will and above all thanks to the help of all the co-workers, we were able to achieve good results right from the start”.

You mean the human factor is one of the elements behind your success?
“Yes, it is crucial. I always say this because the company is not so much a good location, a good product, a good marketing, but it is made primarily by people. If the people working in R&D are not happy tomorrow morning, we don’t develop a good product. If the marketing people are not happy, they don’t develop a good campaign. And likewise those who work in administration, production, shipping, and so on. It is essential to create the group and that everyone within the group has their own space and above all embraces the philosophy of the company. A company that in our case is made up of the family. We have always had on the one hand the ability and on the other the fortune to involve in our family another much larger family that is made by people, we have always tried to share and involve everyone. In my opinion this has been one of the main ingredients of Alessi Domenico’s success, and I’m not talking about when there was the generational change, but since my great grandfather in fact. Because the collaboration with excellent partners, excellent collaborators, excellent consultants, excellent people has always
happened. This is a precious thing.”