Generation 4.0

The Alessi Domenico company history is a family story, but above all one of trust in themselves and in the new generations, which maintains the founder’s name with love and pride.

With the courage and ability to dream after seeing tragedy close- up and coming out alive, in 1946 just after the end of the second world war Domenico Alessi realised his dream to open a goldsmith’s laboratory. In a destroyed Italy, with the Veneto region starving, infrastructure needed to be rebuilt and work re-invented, but spirits remained high and dreams galloped on. Aware that he had acquired the necessary know-how tostartuphisbusinessDomenico Alessilaiddownthebaseofwhat would become a great company by immediately understanding the importance of specialization: in fact production was concentrated on producing excellent chains which he promoted to local jewelers. Unfortunatelytheentrepreneurdid not live long but he had enough
time to pass on to his son Giovanni the same passion and these, after taking over the company reigns in 1969, transformed it from an artisan set-up to an industry in the space of 30 years. New technologies, exportingtoforeignmarkets,the opening of a larger factory and investment in the new generation, Giovanni and his wife Bruna’s five children who came into the company in the 1980s confirmed and consolidated the sound strategy: in 1991 a new factory was inaugurated, ten thousand square meters in a concentration of the most advancedresourcesandsolutions in the goldsmith sector. Giovanni’s dream became a magnificent reality. Yet within a decade everything changed both in the global market and in the gold sector, and the new millenium required to again change perspective, to trust in new managerial energy. So arrived Filippo Alessi’s moment, the fourth family generation, who at just twenty years old came into the company, gaining the trust of his parentsandunclesandstartedupon a new company path, based on reorganization, greater attention to quality of life and the collaborators’ work and to green issues, product research in terms of design and costs, internationalization and improvement of services.
A couple of years later marked the arrival of Alice and Tobia, Filippo’s siblings, who immediately cut out a complementary role for themselves to Filippo, their “bigger” brother’s managerial one (in any case we are talking about a Millennial) to contribute to the good of the brand.