Tradition and Innovation through the generation

ALESSI DOMENICO - Tradition and Innovation through the generation

Our roots are our future. Having them firmly rooted in a land rich in art, culture and tradition, such as the Veneto, has allowed us to face innovation with an awareness that we could not otherwise have. Tradition and innovation are two aspects of the same way of being, imprinting on Alessi Domenico the indelible signs of the link with history. The succession of generations has handed down knowledge, models of behaviour and professional skills. Experience has given us the opportunity to use and internalize methods and ways of working.

We like to remember a phrase by Søren Kierkegaard: “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”. And this is what we do: we learn from the past to organise the future, and our future comes every day. We could translate this into ‘Old remedies for new challenges’.
We must be ready to seize the opportunities offered by the historical moment in which we are living: without innovation there is no future, but we must also have the ability to assess what must be preserved and what must be redefined, and in some cases completely redefined.

Innovation never stops, it is fuelled by the research that is always the starting point for every product and every project of our company in the full awareness that innovation means on the one hand outlining a precise product identity, and on the other hand achieving a competitive advantage on the market. The factors and values of the company, the innovative process that develops from historical research, are the distinctive elements and hallmarks of Alessi Domenico.

We have been working with gold for three quarters of a century and with silver for several years, and we know the secrets of these precious metals. In order to keep up with the times, we have used increasingly modern and technologically sophisticated machines that have enabled us to obtain more advanced products.

For us, technology is the tool to transform and update traditional elements. Of course, we cannot ignore digitalisation, a tool that allows us to combine the transformation of corporate values, innovation, growth and efficiency. We have long been aware that the choice is not whether, but how to digitize ourselves in order to expand our capabilities in this direction.

This brings us back to the subject of research, which is essential to meet production requirements in terms of both quantity and quality. Research that also concerns the market, since both purchasing behaviour and the way we relate to each other are changing, and we must understand these new trends and be ready to seize them.
We have one certainty: that of placing our brand at the cutting edge of global chain design.

The course of gold has changed profoundly over the years, Alessi Domenico has managed to interpret the market precisely thanks to its capacity for innovation.
And this is because creativity has never stopped flowing through us, it has innervated our generations, it has allowed us to reinvent and renew ourselves, telling the story of the last century of history. Our story.