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AD for Alessi Domenico: transforming a challenge into an opportunity

ALESSI DOMENICO - AD for Alessi Domenico: transforming a challenge into an opportunity

Step by step, with perseverance, we are constantly growing. We think, we choose, we decide. “Every day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is what you become,” said Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. Alice Alessi, sales and marketing director of Alessi Domenico, goes straight ahead inspired by this maxim. It is the praise of reflection, of well thought-out decisions, the opposite of risky choices, the idea that every day holds something new in store for us and that we must start from there to seize new opportunities.
Of course, not all days are equal, some can even be negative, and so it becomes necessary to change the outlook. Thirteen years have passed since the crisis of 2008, since then we have heard repeatedly that we need to turn challenges into opportunities. “We do that, day in and day out,” Alice Alessi emphasizes. Regardless of the market situation, regardless of whether there is a crisis or not, this lesson has become a constant objective, the polar star towards which the company has been consistently pursuing.
Growing means enhancing one’s identity, mobilizing resources to achieve product recognition through both its quality and brand. And here we return to the past that inspires the present. What we now call “trademark” (marchio in Italian), or brand for those who prefer English, was born in Venice at the beginning of the 16th century, thanks to Aldo Manuzio, the first real publisher in history. It was he who thought of using a graphic symbol to identify his products and therefore make them identifiable through the brand.

Now, five hundred years later, we are still indebted to Manuzio for this great intuition. An innovation that remains highly topical and has become the standard for contemporary companies, and for Alessi Domenico in particular: roots, identity, tradition, innovation.
We continue to draw inspiration from the past: logo, which we understand today as a symbol, comes from the Greek “logos”, meaning “word”, and the word is the basis of our civilization. The word, first oral and then written, serves to pass on knowledge. The word is essential to narrate, therefore the logo, intended as a brand, would be empty and useless without the logo intended as a narrative. A product must tell, a product is not just an object, a product is a story. Our gold chains tell a story. They tell about us, our land, our tradition, but above all they express emotions. Our products are not an end in themselves, our products are logos, they are narration, they are feeling.
At this point, however, it is necessary to add a new element: trust. The narrative has a point of arrival: reliability. Who relies on Alessi Domenico has the certainty that our product is the best; you could say perfect, if it were not presumptuous, because perfection is not of this world. Who relies on Alessi Domenico has confidence: he trusts us, our history, our products of yesterday, today, and especially tomorrow. We do not know what tomorrow will be like and consequently we cannot know what our products will be like tomorrow. Of one thing, however, we are certain: they will be designed and made like those of yesterday and today, that is, putting all of ourselves into them. “Whoever buys an Alessi Domenico gold chain buys a piece of us” Alice Alessi concludes.