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Giving value to our history


Alessi Domenico Group

  • Alessi Domenico Group S.r.l. is a holding company wholly owned by the Alessi family, today in its second generation.
  • Through the cooperation in a variety of sectors of activity, the Group pursues an investment policy, mainly industrial and real estate, with an international growth strategy and a 360-degree economical and financial view.
  • The philosophy underlying the investment plan of “ADG” is based on the interaction between owners and management, aimed at diversifying and increasing value with long-term commitments.
  • Alessi Domenico Group pursues its goals complying with its Code of Ethics that is based on values and guidelines handed down through generations.


Alessi Domenico Group is  an  active  investor that  combines  an  entrepreneurial approach with solid  financial  discipline, strategically and  financially supporting its companies in order to improve their competitive position and returns. It aims at growing the value of investments in the long term and strengthening them in the relevant sectors. Special attention is also given to the latest market trends through the research of new economic sectors that produce value.


The main sectors in which the Alessi Domenico Group operates are the real estate, renewable energy, goldsmith and jewelry with the historic brand Alessi Domenico Spa and the new manufacturing facility Alessi Domenico Caribe. The holding company has also invested in projects for the hotel industry, Food & Beverage and services.

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Alessi Domenico Group is equally shared by the three Alessi siblings whose father is the CEO.