New energy for the future

ALESSI DOMENICO - New energy for the future

Living the present positively, despite the emergency, to think about the future.

Alessi Domenico, like all companies, had to deal with the new order of things generated by the Covid-19 and found the strength and motivation to react.

«The moment we have lived through has imposed a great change on us, putting us in the condition of having to rethink new strategies and business methods - says the Sales and Marketing Director Alice Alessi -. This Covid pandemic has given us the opportunity to think about change and above all to have a new awareness of what the future is and our commitment to the future. As far as new business methods are concerned, we have thought about what Alessi Domenico can be in the future, but above all how our company can work to promote change that is as positive as possible. This situation has forced us to shorten our time along the road towards scenarios that we were already thinking of undertaking and has made us reflect on the fact that the most important thing today, and which has always been an integral part of our philosophy, are relations and relationships.»

The lockdown phase, which has put our Country and our economy to the test, was therefore the right time to think about new strategies for the future.

« New strategies for the future understood as a greater investment in what is a branding policy - explains Alice Alessi -. Our desire is to strengthen our identity more and more, to promote brand recognition, to make us, our values and products more and more known to customers and consumers. We want to be close to our customers not only by improving services but also by giving them the opportunity to test new products, explore new trends and market demand for our products. This allows us to understand, through their feedback, where to improve for a new start to think together. Our will is to grow, to always improve and at the same time to grow and improve with our customer, with a substantial attention to the relationship.»

During the emergency time, the company has never stopped working, although in smart working and with all the limitations and difficulties generated by the situation. In the midst of a pandemic, we dedicated ourselves to the creation of new types of products and the extension of production lines. We focused on a new communication project that, through the use of new technologies, allowed us to stay in touch with our customers through the AD Week Show initiative, the B2B online event that allowed customers to connect directly with us in videocall.

Tomorrow, for Alessi Domenico, is already part of today. «The most important part of this moment was to think about new strategies for the future while maintaining our focus and attention on the opportunities that even difficult times can offer, on a positivity that is necessary - underlines Alice Alessi -. Our attitude can change anything. We have been through a serious emergency situation, Italy has been heavily affected, we felt close to all those families who have lost loved ones or who have lost their jobs. At the same time, however, we did not want to let ourselves be overwhelmed by all this, we wanted to transmit confidence, aware that trust is a mainstay within the company. We have chosen to keep positive, to remain united and to continue in this perspective that in fact is our distinctive feature.»

The new 2020 brings a slogan for Alessi Domenico “Family is the Real Gold” and gives concrete form to our way of interpreting reality: like one big united family.

And she concludes: “What can really change and make us change is all within us. Attention, intention and commitment. If commitment and focus remain proactive, if we really believe it, all can be overcome. I believe that in union not only strength is created but also an energy that is driving. Our market absolutely needs this: energy. We, as Venetians, have never been afraid to work hard, we are brave, we have been through a lot and there will be some more because life is long. Being able to always see opportunities even in times of difficulty, living them as opportunities for growth and improvement, makes the difference.»