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“Chain”. When we think about it, its pronunciation does
not differ so much from “Change”.

The chain as the protagonist of a change in the way
of thinking, creating and reinventing it to turn it into
something that had never been before and give it
the dignity of a jewel. Alessi Domenico is engaged in
an important phase of company evolution, which also
translates into a significant product evolution. It is the
distinctive sign of the epoch-making transition that
today sees the fourth generation of the Alessi family
running the company, increasingly projected towards
process and product innovation required by the current
challenges of the jewellery market, but in the deep wake
of a leadership in the sector begun by great-grandfather
Domenico in 1946 and of the invaluable know-how
handed down by subsequent generations. Roots well
planted in the ground that today produce new fruits.

Even the ones we are experiencing are new times of
change. Beyond the confines of our company there is a
world and a market that are evolving rapidly. In trends,
tastes, needs and sensitivities. And adapting to the new
times requires continuous renewal. The pioneering spirit
is in our DNA and innovation, research, technology,
creativity and design are the means to express it. Revisiting
the classic concept of the chain, from the basic line to
the best-selling chains that have identified us in over
70 years of history, means investing a lot of resources in
research and development. Creating new links and also
giving a new and surprising identity, through different
production techniques, to existing products: this is the
way in which we take up the challenges and relaunch
them to leave our mark again and again, strengthening
our image and our presence on the markets.

Also in this second issue of Chain, the story of who we
are and what we do, in a vision focused on today but
already projected towards tomorrow, will be the leitmotif
of our content. Explaining and showing where we are
evolving, as a production company and as a company,
means continuing to make all our customers, suppliers
and collaborators share in this extraordinary journey.

Proud of our roots, we see innovation as a beneficial
source of energy.

And so “Chain” is synonymous with “Change”. We want
to communicate who we are through the choices we make,
aware that, quoting Kierkegaard, life can only be understood
by going back, but it must be lived by going forward.

Filippo, Alice and Tobia