In the words of Filippo, Alice and Tobia Alessi, the fourth generation leading the company

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More than 70 years of history could be felt as a weight, a responsibility, a richness: which of these three concepts do you consider to be most relevant?
«Honestly - Filippo answers for all three - between the three possibilities I wouldn’t know which one to choose: maybe the most shared response is that for us it is a great “honour” to carry on with the family tradition. For precisely this reason we give our utmost every day, always feeling the responsibility, the weight and the richness of these seventy years». «The most significant concept for us – adds Alice – is the richness which together with a clear vision enables us to transform the great responsibility which we feel with ongoing growth and change. We look towards the future without ever forgetting our cultural tradition and nevertheless allowing us to rewrite the rules of our product, chains».

Every new generation brings innovation and growth to the company: what objective do you, the fourth generation, intend to pursue?
«Our objective – they all reply almost in chorus – is not just to show only our product, but our history, our identity and our brand». Filippo “married into” Alessi Domenico from adolescence and today he is the young Managing Director to whom shareholders and relatives have given unanimous trust.

From 2018 however the siblings Alice and Tobia have also entered the management team: what specific roles do these two carry out?
«In our case the distribution of roles came about in a natural way, respecting personal aptitudes: Alice for commercial relationships, for Tobia creative and productive tasks and for Filippo administrative and financial ones. It couldn’t have gone any better: it seems that three for us is the perfect number!».

This year the new Alessi Domenico Caribe company in the Dominican Republic was founded: with what aim? Are other foreign openings foreseen in the next months or years?
«Alessi Domenico Caribe was founded with the aim of producing and distributing our products in the USA market, offering customized services for different kinds of customer. At the same time we are working on diverse projects and it is not to be excluded that in the future the group can count on other branches. In any case we are always looking to take one step at a time, trying to improve ourselves in terms of quantity, quality and services».

The chain product is considered, making the due distinctions in terms of quality and design, as rather basic in terms of design. Do you intend to cultivate this perception concentrating on the product’s qualitative value or rather to challenge it by transforming the chain as a simple component into a contemporary and future protagonist jewel?
A «Even if our production is industrial, our growth does not only aim at quantity, quality and service. We are in fact working with the objective of making the chain into a real and proper jewel. So we invite you to come and visit us at the next fairs, starting from September: we are going to present the different ways in which the chain can be seen and worn. We desire to re-interpret the concept of a base, semi-worked product, rewriting the style rules and re-inventing them in an innovative way. It’s easier said than done, but... maybe we’ll surprise and move you!»

How do you intend to diffuse, promote and communicate your production?
«We have undertaken collaboration with people who besides having great professional experience, demonstrate to have a unique sensibility and who are able to grasp our ideas and objectives, transmitting them without either betraying or contaminating them». «For the first time in the company’s 73 years - Alice announces with a certain pride – we have decided to start up a branding strategy introducing new elements which can enhance the company’s creative spirit and express its distinctive traits. We will present a new collection of finished jewels with the chain as protagonist: in this way we intend to tighten an even stronger authentic bond with customers and partners, based on trust. The promotion of our range cannot set aside the ever deeper understanding of the markets in which we compare ourselves».

What growth rate do you believe to be healthy and obtainable for your company (double or single digit)?
«Double digit naturally... they taught us to always dream big!»