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An important family business.
Based on solid values.

Alessi Domenico SPA,
Jewelry Industry.

Goldsmiths and jewelers for three generations, motivated by passion, insight and inclination.
production and marketing of gold and silver bracelets and chains on an industrial scale is like a vocation of Alessi Domenico Spa that has developed with the company in terms of high quality products, production capacity and opening to ever increasing and varying international markets.

Today, the company name stands out in the global jewelry industry thanks to their familiar approach to facing and solving new challenges in the fields of research and development as well as in style and quality. Innovation has always been the most effective key factor when it comes to satisfying the requirements of our existing and new customers.

Family, vision, territory.
A precious history.

A story that started in 1946 in a simple artisan workshop, like many others, that has continued to gather a wealth of new and precious details and events on a global golden stage. The goldsmith’s art of Domenico Alessi is deeply rooted in a region where gems and precious metals are masterly worked in hundreds of laboratories like his. Many of these armed with taste, tenacity, sacrifice and entrepreneural spirit grew to establish one of the most important jewerly industrial districts in the world: Vicenza and Bassano. A clear-sighted perspective and entrepreneurial skills make the difference: from the first chain designs, a great leap forward was made in the space of only one generation. Under Giovanni, Domenico’s son, the workshop became a well organized and highly structured company with a leading role in its sector. In 1969 the new factory was opened and equipped with the most technologically advanced machinery for the processing of raw materials in the shortest possible time, to meet customer demands from all over the world even at that time. The innovation in production comes with developments even in terms of people employed. The 1980s, the third generation, a new breakthrough. Bruna, Giovanni’s wife, and their five sons were ready to work together and take over the family business with their different duties and responsibilites in different areas, thanks to training and experience in the field. The crowning achievement of an inexorable growth based on an univocal and shared family vision was the opening of the brand new production site of Bassano del Grappa in 1991. A ten thousand square metre facility combined with the most advanced gold working technologies resulted in product perfection, thus consolidating the power and appeal of a successfull and internationally recognised brand.

People, environment, market.
The chain of our values.

Market orientation and customer satisfaction, cooperation and respect for all human resources within the company, attention to the environment.
The Alessi Domenico jewelry industry mainly focuses on these principles that are constantly redefined to be fully consistent with present day issues.
Continuous research and innovation of products and technologies, implementation of daily practices to be shared with all co-workers according to an internal Code of Ethics in line with the most stringent international standards.
The acknowledgement of the fundamental value of environmental integrity in our careful search for ever-increasing sustainability of the production processes.
We respect and protect both our local ecosystem - the cradle of an entrepreneurial culture where the company was founded - and naturally, the wider global ecosystem that we work with daily. To find new markets and inspiration.

Production. Silver and Gold chains.

Alessi Domenico core production is represented by semi-finished and finished chains in solid silver or gold, designed, enriched and presented in a variety of interpretations, karats and colours.
To go a step further as far as technique and inspiration are concerned, the company creates a wide range of handmade jewelry pieces with zircons and diamonds. In the different production areas of Alessi Domenico Spa about 30 tons of precious items are processed every year.
However, the ‘crown jewel’ of the company is by tradition the so called Valentino Chain, a flat chain with special features made in yellow, white and pink gold.

Jewels of Italy, Worldwide destinations.

Today, Alessi Domenico Spa has thousands of partners and customers, jewellery shops, luxury chain stores and concept stores in almost all countries worldwide
The high quality of the precious chains and the jewelry creations, the reliability and accuracy of the service make it possible to establish solid long lasting relationships consolidated over the years on a deeper level of mutual trust. An irreplaceable heritage acquired in over seventy years of good practices and enriched day by day, delivery after delivery and handshake after handshake.